Bathtub Sliding Shower Chair

Unique designed sliding seat, detachable and comfortable EVA cover armest, safety device designed with seat belt, height adjustable, anti sliperpery rubber leg based, strong aluminum construction, waterproof and anti-rust, easy assembly and storage

●Unique designed sliding seat with securely locks 
●EVA cover armest with comfort  (Detachable)
●Safety device designed with seat belt
●K/D  Leg structure (Height Adjustable )
●Anti slippery rubber leg based
●Strong aluminum construction with safety load: 150 kg
●Waterproof and anti-rust
●Easy assembly and storage

  Product Specifications

1. Quick easy assembly, Tool free. All parts are detachable.
2. Unique designed sliding seat with securely locks at each end of the sliding rails.  Easy transfer.
3. EVA cover armest (Detachable).
4. Detachable Backrest.
5. K/D  Leg structure. (Height Adjustable ) Anti slippery rubber leg based.
6. PE SEAT with replaceable cut-out for easier cleaning.
7. Waterproof. Anti-rust and strong aluminum construction.
8. Lightweight, sturdy and durable with safety load: 150 kg
9. Safety device designed with seat belt
10. Small box, compact packaging, convenient for transport and storage
11. Convenient and compact packaging
12. Independence to bathe yourself.
13. Aluminium  Color: Matte