Reusable Instant Hot Pack

Reusable Instant Hot Pack


(A)Instant heat up to approximately 55 degrees when activated.
(B)Can be used outdoor for physiotherapy.
(  C  )Highly effective on muscle aches, back aches, cramps, arthritis pain and tendonitis.
(D)Can be reused hundreds times by following the instructions.

(A)To recharge:Wrap the hot pack in a tea towel and place in a pot of boiling water. Boil for 5 to 10 minutes until all of th crystals dissolve.
Remove from boiling water with rounded metal or silicone tongs.
Do not pick up with a sharp object.
(B) To activeat: Gently flex the metal disc to start crystallization, when the cry stallization is complete, squeeze the hot pack to make it soft and ready to use
(C) Will provide hours of soothing relief of rheumatic conditions of joints as wll as pain in the pain in the abdomen, stomach , waist , leg, shoulder , neck and nerves.
(D)Storing: To avoid damage to the plastic pouch store in a plastic container
Material: PVC + Soudium Acetate
Size: 42x25.5cm