Reusable Incontinence Sheet
Size: 70*140cm

Material: Polyester fabric / Polyurethane Waterproof and Breathable Membrane
Size: 140*70CM
Absorbent Layer:
Special thin polyester fiber adopted has strong absorbency that quickly absorbs urine.
Waterproof Layer:
The top layer of waterproof membrane is completely waterproof and preventing leakage from happening and with the best breathable level which could bear a heavy weight over a night without problem, so that you will feel more comfortable and no hateful sultry.

- Quick dry surface to protect sensitive skin affected by moisture.
- Keep sheet all night dry
- Waterproof to protect mattress and sheet from moisture and staining.
-Vapor permeable & Water proof layer
- Light weight
- Machine wash and tumble dray is available
-100% Eco-friendly material & PVC free